Senior Citizen Cruises

A Senior Cruise can be either an entire cruise tour devoted to seniors or a cruise that offers special deals and packages for those who meet a minimum age requirement. So if you are 55 years or older there is a great chance you can find an exciting and exotic cruise at an affordable rate. But another great reason many seniors citizens take cruises is that they have more time. This is a great thing because to truly experience all that a country has to offer; you have to spend more than a few days there. A river cruise lets you visit many major metropolitan cities over the course of a week or two. The major cities and capitals of the world almost always lay on the coast of a waterway. The Golden Years are meant to be a time where seniors can enjoy themselves and travel the world. Taking a cruise is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of a country.

5 Great Senior Citizen Cruise Destinations – Read about a few great destinations for the senior citizen cruiser. These locations are hand picked by the Big Boss and offer a great variety of adventures that range from the luxury river cruise to journeys in far away lands. This mix is great for the senior citizen as these cruise tours are multiple day tour packages that expose you to unique cultures, exotic lands, and historical landmarks.
senior cruise tips Senior Citizen Tips and Advice – Check out these Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Cruising. We provide many answers for many common questions. Get advice on what to pack. See tips about on board etiquite. Our Senior Cruise Advice page is a great read. And as always you can contact us directly with any questions.

Just a handful of years ago you had to rely on your local travel agent to book a cruise. But now with the advent of the internet, a whole world of new cruise tours and a wealth of information has been opened. With a few click of the keyboard, it’s easy to get all the information about an exotic cruise you could ever wish for. Subscribe to a couple of email newsletters to be notified of monthly cruise deals and discounts. Look for coupons that are aimed at senior citizens.

Retirement brings with it an abundance of free time to do the things you have always dreamed of. Travelling the world exposes you to many new and amazing adventures. When the travel bug catches you a little later in life, this is the best time for you to live it up and celebrate the Golden Years by treating yourself to something exciting. As a retires senior citizen you should have far fewer responsibilities and less distractions means all the time in the world to explore new destinations. One of these ways is by taking an exotic cruise. For someone who desires fun and travel and has the free time that retirement offers, you will be able to appreciate the relaxing and interesting atmosphere a senior cruise affords you. Taking a long cruise down one of the worlds most famous rivers or waterways allows you to travel to multiple destinations while being pampered with excellent service and food. And most senior cruises are all inclusive with daily shore excursions meaning you pay one price and get the whole enchilada.

Not only will you be cruising to beautiful and exotic areas around the world; but you will also enjoy many programs and activities which are available on board the cruise ship to keep your brain and body active and entertained. Nothing makes a person feel younger than learning a new skill. Cruises today offer enrichment programs that may include culinary arts, photography classes, various computer classes as well as craft classes. Let’s not forget perfecting a dance step, or wine tasting or maybe just watching a movie under the stars. But maybe the most interesting part about taking a senior cruise is that you will be exposed to cultures and people you never expected to experience. A senior cruise allows you to really get to know the history of a country from the inside.

Some senior citizen cruises are designed with singles in mind. In fact many cruise ships today may offer studio cabins instead of double occupancy rooms. This is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Single senior cruises are designed so that people will mingle together for instance during cocktail hour in the lounge or even at a singles lunch. Those cruise lines that offer senior citizen cruises also comply with mobility issues as well as health issues. If you have physical limitations, the cruise line can usually help. Ships comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and some may also go the extra mile with wheelchair accessibility and oxygen among other medical care amenities.

In the past if you were interested in taking a senior cruise then your only option was whatever program your local travel agent offered. Now with the internet boom you can visits any number of websites that gladly offer up objective information about various cruise lines, ships, cruising regions and ports. Besides getting useful information on senior cruises, there are reviews from past customers; these will help you decide which cruise is right for you. Cruise websites also offer useful tips on how to choose a program, what to pack, what to expect, and also what is expected from a traveler in a foreign land. Be sure to check the internet for special packages tailor made for senior citizens. Before embarking on your cruise, consult with your physician. Discuss with him about the change in diet and it impact on any existing medial conditions you may have. Check for any vaccinations that are required to travel to the area of your choice and get a complete dental check up before traveling.

With time on your hands and the world at your feet you can travel the world. And what better way to see a land and experience all it has to offer than by embarking on a nice long cruise. With the internet at your disposal, a little planning, a lot of time and a bit of fortitude; you can take a senior cruise that will open you eyes to new worlds.