Volga River Cruises

Russian Waterways 2016

Duration: 12 days
Destinations: Moscow- Uglich- Yaroslavl- Goritzy- Kizhi- Mandrogi – St. Petersburg

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volga river sliderWith a Volga River Cruise you are going to travel along one of the most beautiful waterways in all of Europe. A Volga River cruises gives you access to the treasures of Mother Russia that will lie at your feet. With a total length of over 2000 miles, the Volga River flows from the Valdai Hills in Moscow all the way into the Caspian Sea. It crosses several ancient Russian cities from the old empire. A cruise down the Volga River is the best way to explore the Golden Ring cities that dot these banks in Russia.

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Volga River offers a Glimpse into Ancient Russia

The most popular starting point on a Volga River cruise is at the city of St. Petersburg or the city of Moscow. Our Volga tour package will start at one of these major cities and end at the other. In this upper section of the river, the actual tributaries of the Volga that lay in Russia, Russia you will experience the most beautiful colors you could ever dream of. The city of the Tsars, St. Petersburg, is also a popular port of call for all Russia cruises and the Volga-Baltic Canal is a fantastic cruise destination in the South. The Russian capital of Moscow is a city of contrasts. Modern and historical roots come in the center of Moscow which results in a unique metropolitan. The real gem of the cruise is the journey as you will have the chance to see fascinating landscapes and visit many historic towns. The Volga is by far the most important inland waterway in Russia since it combines history, beauty, and culture all into one great package which is why our Volga Tour is among the most popular cruise destinations in the World.

The cities and towns that dot the bans of the Volga are cultural highlights you can expect to see. See many ancient Russian cities, many of which are the oldest in all of Russia.  We provide daily shore excursions complete with tour guides that speak English at all ports of call. As the Volga River is dammed in several places, the cruise ships must at one point pass through a system of locks. This provides an up-close glimpse of modern technology integrated with ancient lands. Also impressive are the large Volga reservoirs such as the Volgograd Reservoir, the Saratov reservoir or dam at Uglitscher.

volga river cruise

Peaceful river tours with exciting shore excursions – that’s the charm of the Volga River cruises. On this tour you are bound to discover the finest jewels that Russia Travel and tourism has to offer. Hopefully we have piqued your interest? Please feel free to reach out and contact us. Our agents are more than happy to answer any questions. Check out our various Russia cruise deals. Browse the actual river tours and read a brief description or view the trip itinerary. With a Volga River Cruise, Russia and all its majestic monuments lay along the Volga banks within your reach.