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Classic Danube 2016

Duration: 11 days
Destinations: Prague- Budejovice- Passau- Melk- Vienna- Budapest – Bratislava- Duernstein- Munich

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View of the Parliment in Budapest

Danube 7 Country + Dracula Cruise 2016

Duration: 15 days
Destinations: Vienna- Bratislava- Budapest- Pecs- Vukovar- Belgrade – The Iron Gate- Vidin – Brasov  – Bucharest

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Southern Danube Discovery 2016

Duration: 12 days
Destinations: Vienna- Bratislava- Budapest- Pecs- Vukovar- Belgrade – The Iron Gate- Vidin - Bucharest

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danube river cruiseTaking a Danube River cruise is one of the best ways to see many beautiful, fascinating and historic sights, many of which are little-known to Western eyes. For years, much of the Danube was hidden behind the Iron Curtain, concealing such beautiful countries as Romania and the Ukraine; with the opening of the former Soviet states, the Danube is once again open to Western visitors. Your Danube cruise will taken you through many historic sites, including four national capitals. Traveling along the Danube, you will feel the heartbeat of each of the countries you visit.

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Enjoy the popular Southern Danube cruise on the MS Kleine Prinz, or Little Prince in English. The Kleine Prinz is the perfect ship for a river cruise. This ship carries 90 passengers; it’s large enough that you’ll find plenty of like-minded travelers to bond with, and yet not so large that you’ll feel lost in a floating city. The Kleine Prinz will provide you with an elegant and comfortable home as you see all that the Danube has to offer. The cabins are quite large for a river vessel, giving you 172 square feet to call your own. Each cabin is lined with expansive picture windows and features its own private bathroom.

Kleine Restaurant small
Your 12-day cruise will introduce you to a delightful collection of eastern Europe’s many charms, from the Austrian capital of Vienna to the stunning Romanian city of Bucharest, called the Paris of the East by many. At the end of your cruise, you’ll enjoy an overnight stay in Bucharest so that you can see more of this stunning city. During the length of your cruise, you’ll enjoy the wonderful service of the 25-member crew of the Kleine Prinz and a full slate of onboard and onshore entertainment and activities.

budapest at nightYou’ll be treated to many fascinating and beautiful sights as the Kleine Prinz takes you down the Danube, with stops in four European capitals and seven total countries. Your journey will start in beautiful Vienna, the capital of Austria. While in this elegant city, you’ll be treated to a tour of the gardens of Belvedere Palace before spreading out into the city proper to see some of the amazing architecture of this Renaissance city. Next, you’ll experience the joys of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Enjoy a bus tour through the city before being treated to a walk through the Old City. Finish up your Slovakian experience with an evening of wine tasting.

Budapest spa small
After Bratislava, you’ll move on to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Stroll through the shops on the Vaci Utca and take some pictures of the jaw-dropping architecture in this ancient city. The last capital on your cruise is Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Here, you’ll tour the grounds of Kalamegdan Fortress and catch a glimpse inside the grandeur of St. Sava’s Orthodox Cathedral. In addition to the capitals you’ll travel through during your Danube cruise, you’ll come across many other worthwhile cities, including Bucharest, Romania; Vukovar, Croatia; and many others.

Your Danube River cruise will be an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life.

budapest paliment from danube river