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Adriatic Cruise 2016

Duration: 8 days Destinations: SPLILT – BOL – HVAR – KORCULA – DUBROVNIK – MLJET – PUCISCA – SPLIT

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Dubrovnik in Croatia

Croatia & The Adriatic Cruise 2016


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The beautiful Adriatic Sea is nestled between several countries and is a subdivision of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by land and is an off shoot of the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean also leads to the Alboran Sea, Balearic Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, the Ionian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Lugurian Sea and the Aegean Sea. An Adriatic Sea Cruise is a perfect way to sail the Adriatic to visit these countries that surround it and to get a glimpse of several cultures and their history.

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The magnificent blue waters of the Adriatic Sea is separated by the country Italy on the west from counties on the east such as Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania which include the Balkan Peninsula and the Apennines Peninsula. It also sites between the dramatic Dinaric Alps of Southern Europe and the Apennines Mountains of Italy. Adriatic

Islands and Coastline of the Adriatic Sea

One of the beautiful things about the Adriatic Sea is the vast amount of islands sitting along the sea and its exotic coastlines. It actually has more than 1300 islands of all sizes! On the Balkans and Adriatic Sea Cruise 2015 you will get a chance to see and visit a few of these lovely islands. A stop at the island of Korcula to see the Cathedral of St. Mark and a visit to Brac Island to experience the Mediterranean architecture are included among other islands you will see along this sea cruise. KorculaYour Adriatic Sea cruise runs along picturesque coastlines with breath taking views. The coastline is full of nature, historical places, quaint European towns, large cliffs and rocks, flora, and fauna. There are also fun and active cities on the Adriatic’s coastline. Cities like Dubrovnik in Croatia sit along the coastline with many things to do and see. This lively town includes restaurants, shops, bars, and some of the best beaches all influenced by its culture and charm.

History of the Adriatic Sea

It seems the earliest settlement along the Adriatic Sea were in the eastern part near Dalmatia and Albania dating back to 5900 BC. Following the Etruscan civilization was the rise of the Roman Republic which was then replaced by the Byzantine Empire in the middle ages. By World War II in 1939 separation between Italy and the eastern countries were becoming more prominent. With the annexation of Dalmatia and a large part of the east islands to Italy and the independence of Croatia territories more areas were defined. By 1975 boundaries between Italy and Yugoslavia were agreed upon which led to the Italy and Albania agreement of their borders along the Adriatic Sea in 1992. Although there were many disputes regarding the seas maritime borders they have lessened over the years and most areas are agreed upon.

HvarEconomy of the Adriatic Sea

In more recent years the economic standings of the Adriatic Sea are in large part due to its beauty and architecture attracting tourism. The locals look forward to the Adriatic Sea Cruise tourists coming to their small and large towns alike. Since the Adriatic has several countries attached to it, it is an area that brings much opportunity to visit several different countries in a short time while learning their different cultures and the ability to visit many historical sites. In earlier years and to this day the fishing industry has played a big role in Adriatic’s economic status. Fish production and volume has become such an intricate part of the culture along the coast and a way of life for many locals. There has been such an over abundance of fishing that they in the process of putting policies in place for 2013 to protect fish life.

Adriatic Culture

Besides the influence of the fishing industry, the transport industry along the many ports of the Adriatic Sea has been an influence on the countries culture along the sea. One of the destinations on our Balkans and Adriatic Sea Cruise is the island of Hvar. Hvar’s port was once a military base and is still a port for trade and tourists.

Countries along the Adriatic Coastline

MontenegroAs discussed earlier there are several countries off the Adriatic Sea. On the Adriatic Cruise – Croatia & Italy 2015 you will visit countries like Croatia and Italy which are probably the most known in these areas, but you will see others as well. Croatia is one of the richest in biodiversity in Europe and has high levels of education. Montenegro’s rugged mountains and high level of biodiversity show off this country beauty. Its biodiversity consists of many different types of freshwater fish, flora and freshwater algae. Bosnia-Herzegovina is located below Croatia and has a population around 4 million. Bosnia is full of history based on politics and cultures. Bosnia is also known for its beauty and high life expectancy. High life expectancy and high levels of education seem to be a pattern of these adjoining countries. With its mild winters, warm summers, and low population Albania is starting to achieve some economic growth. Although historically a poor country in Europe it is showing much potential.

Adriatic Cruise Adventure

The Adriatic Sea is a gorgeous place to visit due to its climates and numerous beautiful attractions. Visitors are captivated by the incredible coastline and gorgeous scenery surrounding, especially the scenery from the MS Vita Cruise Ship. With historical museums, stunning beaches, lively cities, Mediterranean architecture, , and friendly natives it’s easy to fall in love and want to come back. If you would like to learn more about the Adriatic Cruise Adventure 2015 or another Adriatic Sea Cruise that we offer and get detailed information about the tour, you can contact us at 800-795-1633 or use our contact form to ask questions or receive a brochure. Our friendly staff is well diverse in all our sea and river cruises and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.