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Angkor WatThere are many interesting and historic cities that lay along the banks of the Mekong River. And a River Cruise down this majestic waterway takes you from Vietnam down to Cambodia. Just a few decades ago the thought of embarking on a cruise down the Mekong River was out of the question. But now as many countries in Asia are opening up their borders and encouraging tourism, Vietnam offers some of the most wonderful places to visit.

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There is no better way to explore two wonderful and unique South Asian Countries. Your tour starts in the ancient city of Hochi Minh which was once known as Saigon. As you cruise down the Meong you will visit many quiet and historical villages and towns along the way. The cruise lasts 8 days and will end at Siem Reap, the Capital City of Cambodia. Meal are included as are beverages. There are multiple sight seeing adventures and excurions. The cruise ship regular stops at villages along the river banks. The guides and tour managers all speak English. While on board the Toum Tiou II Cruise ship you are treated to many events and performances to keep you entertained and interested. And of course seeing the ancient city of Angor Wat is a definite highlight.

Phnom Penh Royal PalaceWhat’s so exciting about the Mekong River. Well travelling to the heart of Vietnam is a wonderful way to enjoy the culture, sights, and sounds that make up this great country. The Mekong River is the World’s 10th largest river and is the 7th largest in Asia. It is 4909km in length. It is located in Mainland China and Indochina. The river runs from the Tibetan Plateau across Chinas southwest province Yunnan through the three rivers area, exiting China at this point it flows southeast forming the border of Burma and Laos, and then of Laos with Thailand, At the point this river enters in Cambodia. As it enters in Vietnam, The Mun River and The Sap River converge together with it and the river divides into nine channels of the Mekong Delta emptying into the South China Sea. To assist in managing and harmonized use of Mekong Rivers resources a commission was formed in 1995; The Mekong River Commission included all the six strategic partners providing a mutual framework for all.

WaterBuffaloThe name of the river is derived from “Mae Nam Khong” which shares Thailand and Laos’s origin. In there lexicology all great rivers are thought to be Mother Rivers. The prefix “mae” means mother, “nam” stands for water, thus “The Mekong River” means Mother of Water.

mekong river cruise shipHowever there are certain environmental issues facing the river causing damage to the environment and to the livelihoods of affected villagers. The Mekong River is already heavily dammed and many more projects are in the pipeline China has built 3 dams has plans to build 9 more. Thailand is also in the race of building dams however Cambodia is the only nation which does not have the resources to build dams on it and is completely dependent on this river for food and water. China is facing high accusations for completely disregarding the Mekong River Commission and forming dams on the mainland, the construction of dams has already affected many villagers and species alike including the Mekong Dolphins and dugong.

mekong templeThe Mekong River is a wonderful place and if you are interested in seeing Asia, then look for a trip that includes the majestic Mekong River.