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A few decades ago the countries of Cambodia and Vietnam were not that easily accessible to foreign travelers, especially those from the West. But today, both Cambodia and Vietnam are up and coming destinations with histories that stretch back thousands of years. You could travel and see these countries independently on your own or you can now take one of the most spectacular river cruises ever. Our Mekong Delta Cruise will take you down the majestic Mekong River through the countries of Vietnam and Cambodia. Along the way you will visit Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in Vietnam to Siem Reap Cambodia, home to the imposing and unique Angkor Wat Temples. Cruising is a luxurious and indulging type of travel. When we talk about cruising, we often think about destinations like the Caribbean or Europe but Asia is now paving the way for cruising. With its natural terrain, river cruising is the best method of exploring this exotic part of the world. Your floating hotel allows you to pack and unpack only once! I carries you from port to port, from major cities such as Phnom Penh, to small intimate villages that are not accessible by any other form of transportation! You will not only see historic monuments and UNESCO World Heritage Sites but you will also meet the people, experience their customs, culture and way of life – which is what Travel is all about!

Mekong River Cruise

A Mekong cruise along the famous Mekong Delta is a top choice for those who want a cruising experience they will treasure forever. More than 3000 miles long, the Mekong River is one of the largest rivers not just in Asia but across the globe. It runs from Yunan Province in China until Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. It is with a cruise along these exquisite Mekong waterways that you can take a glimpse and enjoy the scenic beauty of various Asian countries including Burma, China, Laos, Cambodia and of course, Vietnam.

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PPRoyalPalace VietnamWith a Vietnam river cruise, you will experience the exquisite charm of this Asian country. Such beauty that has captivated the hearts of the world for centuries. With a cruise, you will sail along the calm water, enjoy the views and of course those much awaited shore excursions. From sunset to dusk, you will fall in love with Vietnam all over again along its banks.

BudhaTempleWhat can you expect from a Vietnam river cruise? While on board, you will be pampered in a real-life floating hotel courtesy of MV Toum Tiou II. Enjoy life on board with its various amenities. As you cruise, be prepared to catch your breath as you pass by wonderful sights like ancient temples and other sites. Marvel at remnants of 19th century French colonialism. As you spend time on deck, be mesmerized with the most stunning views and landscape as you cruise from tall cliffs to lush vegetation. Add the soothing sound of nature from the whistling trees to birds and other wildlife.

ThaPhromTreeFor shore excursions, you will get a chance to get up close to the local traditions of Vietnam. You have the freedom to join guided tours or explore Vietnam on your own. Day trips will let you visit local villages and historical places. Visit and explore architectural treasure of Vietnam, savour its local cuisine and get acquainted with friendly locals.

The Mekong Explorer

vietnam river cruise boatMV Toum Tiou II is modern vessel that will accompany you throughout your Vietnam river cruise. A newly-built ship, you can be assured of its modernity particularly in terms of facilities. Accommodating up to 28 passengers, all its cabins are fully-airconditioned with private bathroom facilities. As a floating hotel and temporary home for cruisers, all its cabins are strategically designed to face the river. Wouldn’t be a amazing to enjoy the scenery of the river from your own cabin?

Toum Tiou Cruise Ship at NightThis river explorer is brilliantly decorated to create an elegant ambiance yet very relaxing and comforting. For in-house facilities, it has fully functional restaurant and a bar. Enjoy sumptuous Vietnamese cuisine and international dishes as you cruise or sip a cold drink as you gaze upon stunning rock formations along the way. Enjoying the view along the Mekong River is best done on its very open deck. Those who want to maximize the sun can lounge on its sun deck. Friendly and highly skilled crew will ensure that you are pampered and taken cared of throughout your trip.

Vietnam is one of the countries that belong to the former French Indochina. It is noted for its heritage sites like its temples and other ruins. Decades ago it was tainted with communism and yes, the infamous Vietnam War that ended with two separate Vietnam’s – North and South Vietnam. After several coups and civil wars, Vietnam has once again rose from its sad history and reclaim the beauty that it once had. A rare beauty that captivated European colonizers specifically the French. Vietnam is an Asian destination that still upholds its traditional customs, safeguarding it from ill-effects of modernity and commercialization. Locals are known for their gentle nature making your visit very fulfilling.

For those looking for a trip that is not just enjoyable but enlightening, Vietnam is one place to go and it is best felt with a Vietnam River Cruise.