China Cruises

China Three Gorges 2016

Duration: 14 days
Destinations: Beijing – Xian – Chongqing – Yichang – Shanghai

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China Grand 2016

Duration: 19 days
Destinations: Beijing – Yichang – Chongqing – Xian – Shanghai – Gullin – Hong Kong

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Take a China River Cruise on the Yangtze River!  Most people know China as the highest populated county in the world, but there is so much more to China than just its thriving cities. Discover China for its stunning countryside’s, quaint river towns, humble communities, delicious cuisine, and live entertainment on one of these Yangtze River Cruises.
Choose from the China Grand River Cruise, Classic China River Cruise, Best of China River Cruise, Three Gorges China River Cruise, each containing slightly different itineraries.


A Brief History of China

Civilization in China has been dated as far back as between 300,000 and 780,000 BC near the city of Beijing.  There were many dynasty’s and rulers that left their mark on history in China but one of the most known is the Qin Dynasty and its life size Warriors left behind.  There were thousands of these sculptures created from terracotta around 210 BC and still remain in Xian, China.  While on our Three Gorges Cruise 2015 or the China Grand River Cruise 2015 you will be able to take part in learning of their history.

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Bejing River Cruise Travelers

  • Song Dynasty

Years later came the Song Dynasty that notably was the first to issue paper money.  No other government had done this until this point around the 8th Century.  By the 10th century China’s population doubled due to its rice crops and their amply food supply.

  • Ming and Qing Dynasty

One of last Dynasty’s to rule China before it became the Republic of China, was Ming Dynasty.  The Ming Dynasty made a historical impact on religion and philosophy beliefs.  While arts and economy was prosperous in China at this time, also came a lot of change in government and territorial annexing. The Qing Dynasty was the last dynasty and ended in 1912 when the empress Dawager Longyu was forced to step down.

  • Republic of China

The Republic of China was formulated in 1912 after the last dynasty and remains China’s government today. After World War II in 1945, China fell upon hardships and has gone through many reforms. China has since seen a large growth in their economic status.  Today, second to the United States, China is the second-largest economy in the world!

China TaiJi ExcersizesChinese Culture

With history comes ever changing of culture and a way of life.  The Chinese culture was adapted in part due to its religious and philosophical beliefs. Although Buddhism is one of the most known religions in China, there are also other common religions such as Chinese folk religions and Taoism.  Confucianism is also a large part of the Chinese culture and dates back to 551 BC.

Sports and the Arts are also very prominent in China.  China is known infamously for its martial arts, however, table tennis, football, badminton, and board games are also very common sports.  The Chinese people are also very respectful to the arts.  Calligraphy which you may be shown on board the MS President 8, is a well respected art along with magnificent pottery, sculptures and paintings. Along the Three Gorges and the China Grand 2015 you have numerous experiences to learn of the Arts in China.

MS Century Gorges ViewThe Yangtze River

The Best of China, Three Gorges, and China Grand cruises all take place on the Yangtze River.  The Yangtze River with its vast mountains, lush terrain, and beautiful landmarks all along your journey is a site to see.  One of the longest rivers in the world, you are sure to experience many places and people that will delight your senses.  The Yangtze River has been a prominent source of transportation and has influenced China’s growth in population and agriculture. The views from your cruise liner are stunning to say the very least and there is so much to this river.  You will have opportunities to visit historical sites, small river towns, the massive Three Gorges Dam, along with on board activities.

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Remember, you can fly into a major city such as Hong Kong or Beijing but never get a chance to see so much more of China, its culture and its history.  Taking a river cruise along the Yangtze River is a way to see this beautiful place and the many other facets about China.