Asia Cruises


If you desire an exotic and unique adventure during your next vacation, try an Asian river cruise. Now that this part of the world is more open to tourism especially Westerners, the cruises allow tourists to explore historical, inspirational and breathtaking sights. The laid-back ambiance of the cruise enables you to spend your leisure time as you wish. Scheduled shore excursions allow you to catch all the attractions you have only been able to read about in the past.

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Explore Myanmar by traveling down the Irrawaddy River. This section of Asia was formerly Burma. View the Mingun Pagoda; although it is uncompleted, it reaches a height of 50 meters. It is near the Sagaing monasteries and nunneries tucked into the hilly terrain along the river. Further down the river, explore the Minhla. It is a fort constructed in the 19th century in an effort to defeat the British soldiers.

Nature lovers find the Mekong River and basin area fascinating due to the rich biodiversity. This area is home to over 1200 species of fish that are vital to the economic survival of the citizens. The fish also provides a necessary source of protein in their daily diets. The Mekong River runs through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and most of the province of Yunnan in China. The river is an excellent passageway to explore Ho Chi Minh City. This city was Saigon in the past. Mekong River transports you from the hustle and bustle of Vietnam through the serene Cambodia countryside.

The Ganges River is a must see while taking your Asia river cruise. It takes you past the colonial architecture of Calcutta, India and through Varanasi, which is the cultural center for Hindu people. Many in the Hindu religion believe that the cleansing waters of this river are healing. They also believe it offers redemption of sins to those who bathe there or drink the water.

Yangtze River gives visitors an unexpected view of China’s beauty. This section of the world has quaint towns along its banks. Exploring the countryside surprises many tourists since they think of China as a leader of world industries. Traveling down the river gives visitors a taste of China’s breathtaking vistas. This cruise allows travelers to purchase quality handicrafts made by the locals. The Yangtze River also provides you with a wealth of opportunities to learn about the Chinese culture. This is an excellent way to see first hand how rural Asians live.