5 of the Best Exotic Cruises for 2013

exotic cruises 2013Are you seriously bored with cruising to the same old places. When Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska have lost their magic it’s time to look for a more unique and exotic cruise. Embark upon and adventure full of discovery and culture mixed with a bit of history. See deep inside countries that have been closed off to the west for thousands of years, visit Communist Russia and all that it has to offer, or cruise through some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Many of the capitals of the World lay along major rivers and an exotic cruise is the best way to discover these foreign lands.

volga river  595 width5) Russia River Cruise – The Golden Ring is a couple of the most important cities in Russia. These areas lay along the mighty Volga River which is the largest in all of Europe. Experience our exotic Russian Waterways cruises where you will visits important capital cities and cultural centers like Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cities of Yaroslavl and Kostroma on the “Golden Ring”, the quaint villages and magnificent scenery along the major Volga waterway. Discover the sights or inner Russia which are easily accessible by water. On the exotic Russia river cruise you will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. There are extensive sightseeing programs and shore excursions included and you will have access to many World Heritage sites along the way. Read more on our Russia Program

danube river 6004) Danube River Cruise – Visits the exotic and glamorous cities of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest along the Danube. This river cruise allows you to experience the famous Belvedere Palace and the unique landscapes of the Danube Bend are highlights of this cruise. You will enjoy 7 different exotic countries located throughout Europe along with 5 capital cities. Sample of the best wines from the region and visit locations that are both exotic and historical. Read more on our Danube Program

yangtze 600 wide3)  China River Cruise – Join us to explore this fascinating and exotic country in the most convenient way; via the Yangtze River. A few years ago the world’s largest dam project was created at a place where the 3 largest rivers in China converged. The 3 Gorges River Cruise will offer a unique experience in a far away exotic land. Journey through the great locks of the 3 Gorges Dam. On the sun deck you can watch the beauty of the passing scenery from the comfort of reclining chair. China relishes its eventful history, traditions, and customs. Starting in Beijing and ending in Shanghai, this exotic cruise includes many shore excursions to great locations like a Panda zoo, Jade Temple, Tiananmen Square and more. Most of our China tours are combined with various country programs , for example, with a hotel stay and tour programs in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and other interesting areas. We offer competitive travel prices with the exotic shore excursion included in one low price. Read more on our China Program

alexandria bridge2) Egypt River Cruises – Travel back in time to the civilization of the Pharaohs by cruising down the Nile River in Egypt. With this exotic river cruise you can experience the cities of Cairo and Alexandria. View treasures that are thousands of years old at the Egyptian National Museum. Get lost in the mazes of the shopping bazaars. Visit the ancient Pyramids of Giza as well as the old Memphis Egypt which was founded in 3000 B.C. This exotic cruise takes you from Luxor to Aswan at a very leisurely pace down the Nile River. This is by far the most convenient way to explore and experience all that ancient Egyptian culture has to offer. Read more about our Egypt program

mekong slider 6001) Vietnam River Cruise – This is the exotic cruise of choice for 2013. Stop dreaming and start believing because our 14 day Mekong River cruise is spectacular. This trip on the Mekong River offers excellent stops and shore excursions, luxury amenities, and impeccable service. Pure bliss that combines ambiance, comfort, and well-being into one exotic dream vacation that you can spend with the family since the children’s stay is free. From Siem Reap to Saigon, on the banks of the Mekong you will discover many of the cultural and historic sights and sounds of both Vietnam and Cambodia. After a stop in Chau Doc close to the Cambodian border head to Phnom Penh where you can visit a large temple housing a Buddha relic and the Russian market, with its silks, precious stones, silver objects, and other wonderful souvenirs. A Vietnam Cruise offers great destinations and even more exotic wonders. This great 14 day cruise will allow you to discover the Mekong River and will fulfill your dreams of an exotic river cruise. Read more on our Vietnam Programs

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